Do you Know about What is SEO? Let’s Read in Detail


What Is Seo?

The Full Form Of SEO is Search engine optimization. It is very important part of a website to In Increase better search engine ranking. This makes your website user-friendly with search engines to increase visibility for users in the search engine. It helps to get organic traffic to your website or you can say natural traffic not paid traffic.In addition, This traffic comes from search engines with high visibility to the users. It is very suitable for organic search engine optimisation.

Most of the search engine optimization services company charge very high cost for this. But if a person has a proper knowledge about it or SEO basic knowledge then he can do ownself easily.Moreover, There are two types of SEO techniques are very necessary than another different parameter, which is known as on page search engine optimization (On page SEO) and Off-page search engine optimization (off page SEO).

What is On page Seo?


the search engine optimization process starts from on page SEO. In this, there are different parameters you need to understand to increase search ranking. Parameters are given below:

Readability: First you need to do readability of your content easy and readable for users.

  • Use short sentences rather than long sentences.
  • Use transition words.
  • Less use of consecutive words.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Use no more than 20 words in a sentence.
  • Your content should be minimum 300 words.
  • Most important thing is that your content should not be copied otherwise search engine will not give any rank to your post or content. These search engine optimisation tips are very important.

SEO content: Second you need to do Content search engine optimization and use SEO keywords.

  • Write suitable Title for your post.
  • Use keyword in your title,
  • Make a focus keyword.
  • Make proper slug.
  • Use keywords in the meta description.
  • Use internal and Outbound Links.
  • Put image related to your content.

In addition, Make your content as a rich content. Do you know what is rich content? If no then I will tell you about This. Rich content is very useful to your website search engine ranking. Rich content is a fully loaded with Images, Videos, and infographics related to your post.Moreover, It is very necessary to stay user on your post long time to increase bounce rate. What is Bounce Rate? I will tell you about all parameters like bounce rate in another Article.

What is Off Page Seo?


Off-page Seo is also very important for your website. In this, You create Backlinks or link building.Do you know What is backlinks? Let’s talk about it.

Backlinks: Backlinks are those links which are links to your website with another website. Furthermore, It is important because when a search engine or google crawl your website then google see that your website preferred by another website and gives value your website ranking.

In addition, Search engine Optimization also is very important for different types of marketing like SEM (search engine marketing), local online marketing, video SEO, PPC etc.

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