This Month Micromax is Going to launch first Android Go smartphone

Android Go

Android Go smartphone

Micromax is one and only company. Which is going to launch the first the Android Oreo Go based mobiles or smartphone in India. Another Name is Android Go smartphone.

The price of the smartphone will be under Rs 5,000. It will come with new features like VoLTE and 4G support. The company will launch under Bharat series and will focus on the lower tier of the market.

This Mobile may be launched on January 26.

Earlier, Factor Daily reported that some other Indian mobile companies will follow Micromax soon. The prediction coincides with Statement of Google that Go edition of Android Oreo will be available in the market until starting early 2018.

Android Go smartphones (Android oreo) is latest of Google effort to touch the lower tier of Indian smartphone or mobile market after an unsuccessful startup or run with Android One programme. At This time, however, Google is targeting on the ultra-low-cost smart mobiles segment – a newly category that has seen a big traction, when smart feature mobile of Reliance Jio’s Rupees 1,500.

Rival telecom operators Like Airtel and Vodafone have merged the bandwagon by subsidizing the cost of entry-level smart mobiles, which are on average price approx Rupees 5,000 to Rupees 7,000, to bring down to an effective price of Rupees 2,000 to Rupees 3,000. Airtel has already launched ultra-low-cost Android mobiles under ‘Airtel Mera Pehla 4G Smartphone’ startup.

Android Go

Features of Android Go Smartphone

Coming back to Go edition of Android Oreo, the latest iteration of Android has been customized for entry-level smart mobiles that generally have the low power of processing and storage. Android Go of Android oreo is based on the version of Android 8.1 Oreo. It is compatible with 512MB to 1GB RAM mobiles. 

These mobiles will get all the latest optimizations that come with go edition of Android Oreo. Including better performance Operating system with built-in feature of data management and benefits security. Including Google assistant and the Google go for Go edition of Android Oreo, designed to be more relevant and lighter to the unique necessaries of the next billion of users. ” Caesar Sengupta, VP, Next Billion of Users team at Google last month had said in a blog post.

Google is also making an army versions of Go of its key applications to support the ecosystem of Android Go. It introduced Google Go last month, a lightweight Google Search version. It also launched a file manager, Files Go, and space management application. The company expected to soon launch a version of maps Go of its popular application of Google Maps.

There are many different version of hack Pokemon go android 2017, android oreo go, Pokemon go spoofing android 7.0, android oreo go edition, kotlin searching by people. Mi mobile price in India is slightly near to Micromax mobile price. Micromax phones or Micromax new mobile come at affordable prices. Micromax smartphone or Micromax 4g mobile price generally like equals to mi mobile phone.These new mobile phones are creating a new era of technology.

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