Happy Republic Day 2018, Its Importance and way to celebrate

republic day

What is Republic Day?

There are two most important days in India. One is independence day and the second one is India republic day. All Indians celebrates this day On 26 January every Year. On this day gazetted Holiday is announced by Government is Fixed every Year. This day remembers for when our constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950 and It completing the transition of the country towards Becoming an independent Republic.

What do people do on This day?

Efforts by the government are preparing for organizing events and celebration on 26 January republic day. Military parades are held in New Delhi on the large and big level.  There are different representatives such as Navy, army, and airforce traditional dance groups take part in the parades.

A big or Grand parades held in New Delhi. Celebration and events start with the prime minister of India Laying wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti. It is at India gate. Laying wreath to remember for those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their or our country. The salutes from the Military takes by the President during Parades. A States foreign Head is the chief guest of the president on republic day.

republic day

Some Important Bravery Medals and awards are given to the person of armed force and also to the civilians. Rose petals showered on the audience by the armed force through the helicopter.Furthermore,r School students show their dancing and singing skills by taking part in Parades.Moreover, Armed force shows their motorcycle rides. Different types of airplanes and helicopter fly over the parade area and shower flowers and release smoke in the color of the Indian flag. There are many different cultural and national program activities held in this parade especially focused on history. Children are the main part of the parade.

Public Life on Republic day

Furthermore, On this day, A gazetted holiday in India. This day is officially holiday and banks, post offices, and different government offices close to that day. Some private offices closed or reduced their working hours or opening hours.

Symbols of republic day

In addition, It shows the spirit of Independent India. Displays of army equipment and Military parades, The national flag is very very important symbols of this day. Indian national anthem song sing by the military band.

Moreover, The chief Guest for republic day 2018 is 10 ASEAN leaders. These leaders are coming from Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei

How to celebrates republic day people of India?

republic day

In schools and colleges, There are different functions and activities performed by students. Such as essay competition, the singing competition of patriotic songs for republic day, republic day events etc. Some people wish to each other by sending messages or download images from the internet and send to the friends. The Internet is full of different wish items such as republic day photos 2017, etc.

Happy Republic Day 2018 to all

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