What is Web Hosting?

web hosting

web hosting


Web hosting is a space for websites on the internet provided by hosting provider.  When you make a website. you want other people to see your website then you need to publish a website with the help of web hosting service. Web services work by store your website files on high tech and high power computers which connects to very fast and reliable networks.  When a person types address of your website (like www.akmatter.com ) in search engines or in web URL then the internet will connect to your web server and host where your website files are stored and transfer website information back to their computer so that user can surf your website and see website pages.There are different types of hosting.

Types of Web Hosting

web hosting

 1. Shared Web Hosting

web hosting

Shared web hosting means your website hosts with some another website in quantity of hundreds or thousands. The Benefit of this internet hosting that you pay a small amount of money for shared hosting near about 4$- 9$ monthly. Most of the people start their business by buying this type of hosting. Because one is to minimize cost and second is low initially traffic. The disadvantage of this hosting, other websites affects on your website if any issue generates. Shared web hosting is beneficial for those who create the new website and have the low budget.

2. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is like a shared hosting account with some external tools to help you resell hosting space. This hosting comes with technical control panel and billing software to help invoice clients. some more features also come with it.

web hosting

The feature includes like:

  • Free web hosting templates
  • Technical support – which handles clients technical issues by chat, calls or any another method of web hosting companies.
  • private domain Servers Like ns1.abcd.com or ns2.abcd.com which are pointing to your websites.

The price range of reseller web hosting is approximately 14$-48$. It depends on features and resource limits.If you are planning run business as online selling or affiliate marketing then it is suitable for you.

3. Cloud Web Hosting

web hosting

Cloud web hosting is a new technology. It looks like a giant server because Hundreds of single server works together.The need for this technology is growing nowadays because heavy traffic or more server space increasing day by day. If your website has come unusually traffic then it protects from crash your website or shutting the website down. If your website growing fast or generate heavy traffic then you need to change your web hosting plans.


4. Virtual Private Server Hosting

web hosting

virtual private server hosting is made from one single physical server but it looks like a separate server or virtual host.It protects from the effect of another neighbor websites when they go down. This server avoiding the cost of the dedicated server.The price range depends on server’s ram and space.

5. Dedicated Server Web Hosting

web hosting

If you want a dedicated server then it has many benefits. you don’t worry about when other websites on shared sever go down. But you have to pay for one physical server from hosting company. You will have all permissions and full control if you want. A dedicated server is a high level hosting web server. we need it when our website growing and drive a lot of traffic. The cost of the dedicated server is higher as a comparison to shared web hosting. But you can afford it or pay when your business at peak level and it will be the best web hosting for you. If you have your own dedicated server then you should also pay for hiring an administrator for taking care of your system.

6. Colocation Hosting

web hosting

When you purchase colocate hosting then you pay rent for rack space from the data center. It will host your website. You bring your own web server hosting hardware and they provide Internet uplink, power, cooling and physical security. Means you are responsible for your own server if any issue will come. This server is suitable for those who have knowledge of technical and expert in this field. It is not suitable for small-scale business because high in web hosting cost.

7. WordPress Web Hosting

web hosting

The demand for WordPress hosting increasing day by day. Because the popularity of WordPress as a website building open platform growing more.In this server, the service provider keeps all WordPress files of installation, protects from threats or hackers. This is cheap web hosting then other servers and suitable for the startup business.

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